TA: Burst 5-15-2018

Looks like Burst is about to make a move. We broke the long term downtrend and have been steadily going up ever since. Current price provides an excellent risk to reward for a long trade. We expect burst to reach the upper line of the channel at around 442 satoshi.
The trade becomes invalid once we break the uptrend line and make a lower low. The trade has a risk to reward ratio of 3.45

The burst team is currently working on a hardfork which should take place soon. The hardfork brings new features and upgrades to the protocol.

more info: https://www.burstcoin.ist/2018/05/04/1st-hard-fork-explained-changes-in-transaction-dynamics/

latest burst report: https://www.burstcoin.ist/2018/05/14/weekly-burst-report-36/


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