TA: ARN 5-18-2018

ARN seems to be ready to go for a new market cycle. The coin has been in a steady accumulation zone for some time now and is about to break above the ascending triangle. Once we break the bigger triangle (marked by the yellow line) we will see a new marketcycle develop and with it a re-test of the all time highs.

We are currently waiting for ARN to break the ascending triangle pattern and will buy the dip(s) when it does. The trade becomes invalid if we break the support line after having broken the ascending triangle pattern. Our first target will be the yellow line of the bigger triangle pattern.

Once we break the triangle pattern as well we will use our elephant wave strategy to trade the waves all the way up untill the retracement cycle starts.

1st Entry: After break of the ascending triangle our buy range is: 16441 – 13382

1st target: yellow line currently at 19501

(trade will only be taken if the average buy in to target has a risk vs reward ratio of at least 1, otherwise we will have to wait untill we get a second signal for entry after breaking the bigger triangle)


2nd Entry signal: after breaking the bigger triangle

Entry range: depends on the break to 13382

Target: 28986

Latest updates on the project: https://medium.com/@aeronaero


Development is ongoing but I don’t see the added benefit of a token or blockchain for this project. Loads of big promises, project is probably going to fail. Not a coin to Hodl but definitely a coin to trade if the entry signals present themselfs.




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