Introducing the Coinstreet private lessons:

Want to become a consistently profitable trader? Signing up for the private lessons will do just that!

The lessons are designed to provide traders with a learning experience that is unparalleled in the industry. When you sign up for the lessons you'll be among a select group of traders benefiting from our expertise in trading the cryptocurrency markets.

With lessons ranging from basic market principles, to advanced studies of technical analysis, as a student of Coinstreet our team of professional traders will guide you through the proper learning process step-by-step. We'll help you eliminate those costly gaps in your understanding and you'll develop a life-long skill set that will help you achieve your goal of becoming an independent, consistently profitable trader.

Never Before Has This Kind of Trading Talent Been Assembled in One Place With the Aim of Teaching You the Skill of Trading in Record Time. From Understanding Market Structure to Trading Psychology, Money Management, and Advanced Pattern Recognition, the Coinstreet private lessons are the Total Package.

Breaking Bad Habits
Years of bad "experience" may be standing in your way...In order to grow you need to wipe the slate clean. We will help you identify and eliminate bad habits that are hindering your development.
Establishing a Framework
When traders are missing crucial pieces of the puzzle, they typically don't find out until it's too late. That's why we start with the basics and build from there, ensuring there are no gaps in your understanding.
Proven Techniques
Not only will you learn a variety of strategies that you can employ immediately, you'll also be equipped with the knowledge and tools required to modify existing strategies or create your very own.
Methodical Approach
Subjectivity in trading will lead to failure. You'll learn how to eliminate that risk by developing a rules-based trading plan built around the IF/THEN syntax. Never again will you second guess what to do or when to do it.
Mental Fortitude
90% of trading is psychological, therefore, we devote a lot of time helping you prepare for the mental challenges of trading. Training lessons that incorporate the psychology associated with trading will give you the upper-hand in your mental battle with the market
Trading as a Business
We approach trading like a business. We have a proven model of success and through the Coinstreet membership you can obtain the knowledge and tools required to treat your trading like a business and duplicate our success.

The Lessons provide (new) traders with all the tools necessary to become a consistently profitable trader. Students receive personal support and assistance from a professional trader. Ever hestitated to put on a trade? Not anymore! Send us your analysis and a professional trader will provide you with feedback

The Coinstreet private lessons are unlike any other trading course in the industry because it draws on the collective experience of the best (crypto) currency traders that Coinstreet has to offer and is fully tailored to your individual needs and wishes. By being a Coinstreet student you have the unique opportunity to work with not just one, but an entire team of professional traders who share a passion for teaching, and are dedicated to helping you become an independent, consistently profitable trader.

As a coinstreet student you'll receive:

Live Trading Sessions

These private 1 on 1 sessions provide traders with a unique opportunity to learn the skills to become a profitable trader. If there's a certain topic you're struggling with or something you would like to learn more about, simply contact us and we will work it into the next live session. No question will go unanswered and all of the sessions are recorded and made available for download.

Trade Support

As a Coinstreet student you're never trading alone. You can request support 24/7 via our contact channels. Join our student Discord group or Upload your trading idea and get feedback from a professional trader. We will assist you in every step of the way towards becoming a successful consistently profitable trader.

If you’re fed up with feeling confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, and overloaded when it comes to trading…

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We're here to tell you: There is HOPE.

You CAN take control of your trading and build the type of life your friends and neighbors will envy.

This is a unique opportunity to work with a team of professional traders and learn the same skills they use to trade the markets each day.

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“Take the Stress Out of Trading”

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You’re about to join one of the most successful trader training programs ever created.

Designed exclusively for home based traders who are looking to gain the skills used by professional hedge fund and proprietary traders, our program delivers the most comprehensive training on technical analysis, trade plan development, money management, and trading psychology anywhere in the world.

As a student you're never trading alone, you'll have the backup of a whole team of professional traders. We trade for a living and so can you!

Our goal is to make you a profitable trader.



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